When I'm not busy posting and reading geeky stuff on Twitter, I work on my startup. You need a website or a blog? Let me help 🙌.

At FirePress, we empower people and entrepreneurs to create an outstanding mobile-first website & blog (a website just like this one!). My vision is that a website should speak up for you like an impresario would.

See a live demo here. I believe it's straight to the point and that it looks solid on your phone ❤️.

If you like it, we can do it for you too. I will be happy to give you a 21-Day free trial 🔥📰.

Many Cheers!


Want to go deep about my vision and my journey of building FirePress? You might enjoy to follow my YouTube channel:


FirePress is in beta and you'll get my full attention during this period. To get more context, you can read why I decided launch this startup.

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I write (in french) about technologies. So if you want to know more about me, this is how I roll 🔥.

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