Here is the stuff that entertains me these days (updated May 2018).

The startup life

Crypto enthousiast

Things I don't do in order to focus on FirePress

  • Start learning about AI with this awesome
  • Start learning of the day trade
  • Learn Kubernetes
  • Buy a performant car

Random stuff about my life

  • The double life: Business analyst during the day, developer during the night / sed "s/LEASURE/$WORK/g".
  • One of my GitHub projet is getting some traction
  • I live in Montréal, Canada.
  • I'm having a blast with my girlfriend Avril Franco
  • My personality type is the debater (ENTP-A).
  • Former singer at Star Académie 2003. Think of as an American Idol version of the show in Québec Canada
  • I release a minimal tech song. You can listen the video here
  • Launch my first business at 23 years old. I’ve been CEO and sound engineer for 7 years at Studio Transology
  • My iPhone home screen looks like this
  • By far Twitter is the place where I enjoy to connect with people outside my physical entourage.
  • I keep a decent shape by going to the gym 1 or 2 time a week


  • My Vlog #OneStepAtATime — I’m starting the show « One Step at a Time » as I realize that I still have a good 50 years in front of me. I want to share my personnal journey as I believe it’s gonna be an outstanding one. It’s also to remind myself that when I’m impatient, life is not about the destination, it’s about
    the journey.
  • The #AskMeAboutYourWebsite show — I'm documenting FirePress’s journey 🌇 for the next 10 years. This is a place where I allow myself to go deep into our vision of building an outstanding website on 🔥📰.



P.S. This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.


  • I'm a Docker mentor at the Montréal meetup events.(april 18). I decided to not continue to be a mentor as I have to make priorities.
  • Sold my fancy car about 4 weeks ago. I'm surprised to say I don't miss it. I did this move to put the cash in my startup while as I do bootstrap it. (nov 17)
  • Sold my scooter and bought an e-bike instead. (nov 17)

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