I received an email from Twitter (copied below). They are shutting down a feature. Fair enough.

But the important thing is that they are actually missing the opportunity to create a meaningful connection with me. The product owner or the CEO should have step in to explain:

  • What went wrong?
  • What was to promise when they launch this feature?
  • What was not aligned with the actual vision?

But no. Like big corporations Twitter act and communicate without a soul. They are giving us this bullshit reason "Because we want to focus our efforts on improving the tools that you use more frequently".

Even if I didn't use this feature, it feels like they can scrap things without really caring about the impact on their users. In this case the deadline is in 2 weeks.

I'm sad to say I don't believe in Twitter anymore.

Subject: Twitter Buy Now program update

We introduced the Buy Now functionality to our community about a year and a half ago. Because we want to focus our efforts on improving the tools that you use more frequently, we are officially shutting down the Buy Now program on April 30, 2017

At some point since the launch of the Buy Now feature, you signed up for access to use the Buy Now feature as part of your Stripe account. This sign-up process included a click-through version of the Twitter Buy Now Program Agreement (the β€œAgreement”) that you signed directly with Twitter Inc. Based on our commitments to you under that agreement, this email is to notify you of Twitter Inc.’s termination of the Agreement, effective April 30, 2017.

This means that as of April 30th:

Twitter users will no longer see Buy Now Cards render in Tweets or their timelines.
Buy Now links shared in Tweets will be treated as normal links. Users will still be able to click to visit the referenced website.
The Twitter user account settings to edit payment and shipping information and order history will be disabled.
All legacy payment and shipping information and order history data will be fully deleted from our databases.
We thank you for your partnership and interest in the Buy Now product and are grateful for your participation with us on this project.

-Twitter Team

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