1/ As a developer and a crypto-user I just had this spark.

2/ First you need to know that ‘Git’ is an open source software created to do code versioning. Read: keeping track of every change that ever happened to a software project. Code files, README files, pictures, binary files, etc.

3/ Think of it as every time you save your Word document it’s tracked forever and it’s easy to roll back to any given version.

4/ What if we repackage the idea of ‘Git’ as a software that can track any digital assets? That would be huge. Let’s call it AssetV (Asset Versionning). Its token would be $ASV.

5/ Now, what if we decentralize AssetV? Instead of relying on Github, Gitlab and all the cool centralized kids, we would use the blockchain (POW / POS)?

6/ Then let’s build a nice UI & UX for everyone to use our system.

Let’s say I just paid for my driver license. The clerk completes the transaction in the system (ugly AS400 style, but it works so why go fancy).

The system does an AssetV commit in the ASV block. Et voilà.

7/ This system could work quickly as the whole Git ecosystem is mature.

The main development would happen to search the blockchain and determine who can view what.

8/ Another aspect I love about this idea is that it can track anything. Our existing systems just needs to parse transactions as plain text (or better, yaml, json files) and the transaction can be appended to the AssetV blockchain.

9/ I will not execute on this. Feel free to take all credit if you ever build such system.

From this tweet storm: https://twitter.com/askpascalandy/status/994572050877599745