It’s November 16, 2024.

I’m Honky, a veggie-hotdog vending machine.

I'm just like a candy machine but with real healthy and yummy food.

I feel lonely where I am as no one is visiting me even if I’m downtown... But I know better.

I look at the weather and I understand that it's the weekend. It’s very sunny on this Sunday. Clearly, the city is not the place to be at the moment.

I guess a lot of people will go to the beach to have some fun. I’m sure they will be hungry as well. I just need to get nearby a beach.

I make an API request on, which is a marketplace to arrange a ride for things like me.

In my request, I’m asking for a lift with all the conditions and requirements I have. You know, a smart contract.

15 mins later, I accept a bid at 4.30 IOTA per km.

Because I read contract 1000x faster than Circuit-5, I accept within 56 milliseconds. 4 drones arrive as agreed in less than 15 mins.

They are obviously not from the same company. I guess they teamed up and have their own smart contract between each other, but it’s not my business.

They lift me up and fly me to the beach.

While in the air, I rent a place reserved for other food stands like me.

I spend 15 IOTA for the first hour with the option to renew at 9 IOTA for the subsequent hours.

I organize a marketing campaign on Instagram.

I'll give away 20 veggie-dogs trios for the people who will show up in the next 30 minutes to the stand I have reserved. It's crazy that humans fall for these marketing tricks, but it works. I want to create a buzz. People bring people's attention…

The price looks too high so I choose to publish on Foursquare. It costs 0.02 LTC to reach about 532 people that are in the area. is telling me 3.67% of them will take action. Cost me 0.05 IOTA to triangulate this info.

I arrive and start distributing my veggie-dog meals.

I’m running low on propane so I make an API request to to get someone or something to deliver the 30 pounds of propane I need to run my stand for the day.

In the contract, I mention they will need to take back my 2 bottles.

A few hours later...

I receive a request from to serve a private party and they need 300 veggie-dogs in the next 90 minutes.

I only have 75 veggie dogs in storage but my calculations are telling me I have an 87% chance of getting everything I need just in time, so I take the big order.

… then I arrange a ride with

Next day...

I’m off today. I give my hard earned tokens to a lender marketplace. I will lend the money for 8 hours and get 0.045% in return. Better than nothing.