Update June 2015 — I dropped this project to start another since.

The manifesto - Why did I decide to start Dper?

I don't know exactly how you stumbled upon this page, but I'll do my best to make it easy for you to follow what is going on with Dper's project.

This is Dper's official home page. It will be hosted on my personal blog for awhile. I could design a fancy website but I don't think it would be the smart thing to do at this stage.

Who Am I?

My name is Pascal, and I'm an entrepreneur. I previously bootstrapped two startups, and I studied computer science when I was in college.

A quick warning for non-French folks: please understand that I originally built this blog for a French audience. Therefore, much of the content appears in French by default. This is because, as mentioned above, developing a dedicated blog for Dper would not be a good idea at this point.

There is one special thing about living in Montreal: we live in a bilingual world. Speaking French and English is part of everyday life here. I guess it's not surprising that I'm comfortable with posting stuff on my blog in both languages. I hope you'll be OK with it :-)

Warning number two. As a french native speaker, I'll probably write things that will sound funny/weird. Even worst, most of the time, I won't even realise I do those mistakes. Please forgive me in advance if from time to time, I write as a 6-year-old child. But between us, if you read this far at this point, I guess you are open to the idea.

What is Dper?

Dper is a social networking app, topic driven where FAMO chats (Fun, Authentic, Meaningful, Open) between people are the norm, not the exception.


Let's start with the end in mind: the goal is to build a solid business. Dper is the third startup I'm bootstrapping, and I feel confident to deliver the vision, the guidance and the level of execution needed to make it happen. The route is simple, but hard to execute. I'm not kidding myself here... I will suffer.


I track the high-level steps to accomplish (and almost everything) in Trello. It looks like this:

  • Put some high-level concepts on paper (this blog)
  • Find the right people that share the same vision about traditional social networks
  • Of all ideas and possibilities, define things that are in-scope (therefore out of scope) for the MVP
  • Execute the MVP 0.1
  • Learn the lean way
  • Grow the user base
  • Learn, readjust, focus and release the next MVP
  • All of this while having fun doing it :)

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The manifesto - Why did I decide to start Dper?
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Note pour les francophones

Je vais partager les développements de ce projet uniquement en anglais dans le but d'alléger le développement et les communications. C'est toujours surprenant la quantité effort que ça exige de développer un projet en deux languages.