A manifesto for Dper (and why I'm building it)

Short Version - Most of the time traditional social networks sucks because they present us more noise than great stuff.

Long Version - My name is Pascal Andy, and I'd like to share some of my observations with you. I think the way we communicate online is not great, but... it can be. Let me explain.

Traditional social networks (TSN) like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it OK to present you — boring — stupid — irrelevant stuff. It's exactly where the disconnect happens: finding a post that is appealing to you is now the exception, not the norm.

Like most TV channels and newspapers created for the masses, feeds on TSN are more connected with advertisers and less connected with you. I have to admit that mainstream feeds are sometimes entertaining but, generally speaking, they are a waste of your attention. It's a place where noise is the king.

I think a great social network needs four basic foundations. Chats must be: Fun, Authentic, Meaningful, Open. I like to call it a FAMO chat, and this is what Dper is trying to fix here: making FAMO chats the norm, not the exception.

I believe the way we socialize online can be much better… more FAMO. That's why I decided to build Dper.

If you are a believer, if you are looking to put your efforts into a game changing project, please let me know. Let's see how you can contribute making Dper happen. Until then, have a great time!

P.S. Dper aims to disrupt not only the TSN, but also the forums and the way we comment online. Just think about the zoo we observe within the comments section of YouTube…

P.P.S. You want to know how Dper is working, what is the user experience, what is the interaction between users or how the UI looks like? I will be glad to share the core of Dper with you soon. You just need to present yourself first.

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