I love softwares. I'm always been fascinated by the power hidden behind lines of codes.

I work independently. I'm the boss there ... with few other geeks sharing the same vision. For you it means that, there is no fluff, or stupid reports to fill, no stress about pleasing stakeholders.

We ship our releases very quickly. It means we are well organized ... confusion is NOT gonna be part of your journey with us.

I believe in remote work and in fact, the whole team is working remotely and I'm doing everything possible to make it fun and easy to DO work that matters.

I give you a lot of liberty. You do your own schedule and it's easy to do so because we write requirements that are very specific, clear, easy to understand and measurable / testable.

You will feel some spirit, the rhythm we have here ... hmmm it brings this sense of being « fulfilled » ... that what we do here does have purpose.

I believe that work is an not only an exchange of money for something, but a personal connection. This is not a job, nor a gig, because work have to be a place where we can learn from each other. I can guarantee that you will learn a lot by joining our team.

You better be creative because I'm gonna challenge you a lot. I'll give you freedom if you give me results.

Does it make sense ? OK now

How do we do this?

Four important things here.

  1. First I created a clear step-by-step, "Onboarding Experience" for all new team members that are joining us. The Onboarding Experience is done via Trello, and it means that there no offtime for you. You'll know exactly what needs to be done in order to be part of this team.

  2. Second, I mentioned we ship quickly. I'm really proud to say we created our own custom CICD workflow from scratch. In this team, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is done flawlessly.

Picture this ... for example let's say you work on a particular feature that is causing troubles on various devices. You work locally and when you want to test your code live, you commit and git push. What next right ?

Here in our CICD workflow, you have the option to trigger a VPS and see this very feature online with the code from master containing your changes. Oh, by the way this machine will be auto-destroyed in 1 hour so you don't have to care about it later on.
Let's say 20 min later you push another features and you trig another VPS to see your work online while the first VPS is still online... Isn't it cool ?

I guess you starting to see the beauty of the system here. And this was only happening under the DEV cycle. There is also intg, staging, prod, prod 2, etc ...

  1. Third, we use what I call our "mutual feedback system". Basically, every month, I'm gonna ask you 3 questions. « What should I ... »
  • Start to do?
  • Continue to do?
  • Stop to do?

From there we gonna have really really interesting conversations together.

But then, you gonna ask me the exact same questions ...

  1. Finally, we are using great communication tools like Trello, Slack, Zoom for voice, hackpad for our documentation. Email is completely out of the way. GitLab is use for our code repos. VM I talk earlier is all setup and provided by us.

What is it that we do exactly?

We are building a platform that every non-technical persons can use to build their digital identity on the web. We believe Wordpress is too intense for most people while existing tools are too weak or too custom for our clients.

Our platform is based on Ghost which is based on Node ... and of course we also use a bunch of open-source toys that are at the cutting edge of the technology. You won't smell PHP around here :)

We run our own infrastructure in the cloud and we prepare ourself to get massive scale.

Are you up for this?

I hope you are as excited as I am to build it. To get in touch with me, please use this link and I'll let you know how we can start together.

My name is Pascal Andy and I from Montreal Canada.