The Task - I need to find someone that will setup a great Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) solution. Ansible and Jenkins is expected.

My Git repo is used to develop Wordpress themes. I need to see my code update online on various devices, without having to upload updates to the VPS 40 times per day!! You get the picture right ?! For the specific requirements, I’ll refer you a post on my blog.

  • Skills needed: Ansible, Jenkins, Git, Linux

If you are interested:

  • To get this contract, you need to SHOW ME your actual setup. I expect to see the typical DevOps staging / prod environments deployed via a Git repo.
  • Say “lemon” in you reply, so I know you care.
  • No “teams”, no “companies”, no “agencies”. I’m looking for solos freelancers

Thank you !

The Details

Dear Geeks!

I’m hiring two exceptional Full Stack Developer / System Admin who want to ship work that changes things, to do it often and to take responsibility for making great stuff. I want to find a trustworthy people for a long-term business relationship.

Setup Ansible playbooks are the first milestones. Ansible will play a key part in terms of building repeatable and immutable infrastructure, building tools for automation and giving engineers the ability to provision and manage servers in any environment.

Here is the requirement I have in mind.

I’m looking for people who relish the chance to ship things, to architect them, to go from an MVP to a scalable solution without costly amateur shortcuts. Someone who wants the freedom to control how she does her work and the ability to plan for and take part in what gets built.


As the project manager, I will request to have live meetings to follow things 2 times a week. Otherwise, I know things falls into cracks :-/ You need to communicate very well. My schedule is flexible and you can reach me easily. Finally, you have to respect your deadlines.


  • Ghost blog (Node.js)
  • DigitalOcean
  • Cron scripts
  • Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Git (private repos are setup)


  • I run blogs for me and clients on the Ghost platform
  • Few VPS servers are hosted on Digital Ocean, Ubuntu 14.04
  • I’m tech savvy and I have a lot of experience on managing projects remotely.
  • I work with tools like: Trello, Slack, Git repos and virtually no emails :)
  • I’m here for the long run so you’re not wasting your time on a small gig

Future Stuff

This is the stuff that will come soon :_)

  1. Design a strategy to quickly setup dozens of sites (and sandbox) and maintain them during our MVP. Sync them with Git
  2. Configure Ghost to store pictures via Cloudinary. I know it’s supported since V0.6
  3. Configure Ghost to use an external DB. What solution do you propose?
  4. WHEN IT’S DONE… there will is more stuff to come! Nginx cache (Front End), install a Discourse Forum, setup a monitoring strategy (your solution?), setup & maintain a backup plan (your solution?), install static page via Ghost (your solution?), setup Docker containers (your solution?), etc.

I will need a price assessment for EACH of those 3 milestones. I’ll pay within 48 hours each milestones.


Now, we can talk. Confirm are are interested by the "Lemmon" and we will have a 15 minutes call before starting.