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2015-10-04 (1/3)

Original position listing

If you're looking for more than a gig... more than a job, this might be the position for you.

If you've done the hard work to become a master of the craft of software, I'm hoping you'll spend a minute to consider this job (or, even better, to consider a path along these lines).

After being a consultant to help people building their WordPress sites (using prefab themes) for years, I decided to move on with ghost.org . Over the years, I discovered that most people have the same needs.

I'm about to dive into creating « THE THEME » for Ghost, with a focus on mobile and minimal/zen feel. The ideas here aren't theme requirements as much as high-leveraged ways to make change happen. Most people want to have their own website but they don't know how to start.

I can't tell you precisely what we're going to do, because your input and insight are essential to what's next. Your portfolio, references and a track record of scalable work at the useful edge of web and mobile software development is precisely what I'm looking at when choosing the right person.

And you?

You're a restless professional with the eye of a designer, the passion of an artist and the skills of a technocrat. Way too impatient to have a regular job at a regular company for very long. The idea of meetings and job titles and the pursuit of more stock options doesn't feel right... it's got to be better to do the actual work, work that actually matters.

You have mad skills in graphic design, hands-on digital crafting and data hacking. You're earnest and passionate about moving data around the cloud, streamlining interactions and most of all, making good things that also work. You have left behind a trail of beautiful, powerful, effective design, and your portfolio makes that obvious.

My tiny team (it's me and two other persons) needs you. We need you to help us with our existing projects and to provoke me into bigger, newer ones, mostly with a social bent. We're trying to use as much leverage as possible to change the world for the better.

Please do not answer directly to this listing (else I will conclude you didn't care enough to read this very offer). Instead, watch the pitch I prepared (https://goo.gl/yHPSkZ) and let's see if there is a match between what you are looking for and what I expect.