It's 6 PM.

Twenty minutes ago, I learned that my contract won’t be renewed. No BS. This is a fresh breaking news in my life and I’m writing my guts out here. For some context, I worked as a Business Analyst System/Process (I.T. department) in a big telecom company for two years between April 1st 2014 to April 30th 2016.

Seven weeks from now, I won’t count on this comfortable revenue anymore. Two possible strategies are available to me. Play offence or play defense.

Play defense is the most comfortable thing to do. Find a similar position in another big business like a bank, a telecom, a anywhere they manage a lot of stuff via many systems. I’m confident I could switch and find a new gig in less than 7 weeks. Piece of cake is you ask my confidence.

Play offense not so comfortable. It’s scary. Being scared pretty much the state where you hear fears in your head. My fear sounds like this: Am I good enough to start this new publishing platform venture? - Will I need to compromise the lifestyle I built since those last years? - Will I fail and find myself the go back into a defense mode anyway?

But I know better. Fear is always around the corner anyways. Better living with it like the clothes that lives on my skin.

Enough complaining. It’s offense time.