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My mission is to touch most people with love and passion and help them realize their ambitions. In order to achieve my mission, every day I grow FirePress by helping people (businesses and freelancers all over the world) to reach their maximum potentials.

[…] We are now March 2025. My personal net worth has already passed 100 million dollars and feel more and more fulfilled every day I live. I’m endlessly grateful for everything I experience and I enjoy every second of this gift we human likes to call life.

It is done 😎. March 7th, 2017
Pascal Nguyen DeschΓͺnes

Here is my DCA from 2010.

Jill Murwin

I, Jill Murwin, will be the most sought after female tour operator in the USA & Europe. In return, I will create dn lead the most authentic and outstanding trips across the world. In return, I will also empower others to start their own travel businesses and teach them how to do it!:)

Starting in 2020, I will achieve national recognition for generations to come. The business will be given to my daughter Atlas if it interests her to do with what she desires. If she prefers, she can hand it off to someone else worthy of the opportunity.

I will be married and become a stay at home wife/mother being the most outstanding, fun and creative wife on the planet. I’ll be a better and better listener each day and provide my family with all the love, support and guidance they desire.

By 2030, I will have in my possession $10 million and will grow that to $25 million by 2035. I will have lots of free time, excellent health & fitness, love and happiness.

It is done. It is done. It is done.


:) xo

Above is the answer I gave to Luz C. Gonzalez who is part of my Gladiator Mastermind. Her message:

On January 24, 2017 at 4:43:29 PM, Luz C. Gonzalez ([email protected]) wrote:

Hi Gladiators,

Happy Tuesday! Letting you know I will be leading our meeting for Feb. For our meeting here is the agenda:

  • Group Check-In (5 mins per person)

    • A celebration
    • A challenge
    • What goals are you committing to by our March meeting (3 max)
  • Definite Chief Aim (10 mins)

    • Read Jackie Chan's DCA here.
    • I'll discuss how to formulate your DCA.
    • Start working on your DCA, and if you feel comfortable share with the group via email.
  • Gladiator chant 3x as a group

  • Closing

Talk with you all soon!