Cette page est une sous-section de mon offre en tant que Consultant.

You are reading this because you want to know more about me. Am I the best candidate for this opportunity?

Here is the deal. Let me help you to do the hard work in 4 parts. I guarantee that you will have a clear answer at the end of this essay or else I'm paying for the next coffee round. If you missed it, here is what I offer as a Senior Business Analyst.

1) What I do

If you asked me what I do for a living during a dinner, I would tell you that I consider myself as The Bridge Maker. Most people have no idea what is the role of a Business Analyst. In short, I ensure to capture all business requirements while communicating system requirements to vendors who are coding the applications.

From these current and past experiences, I do realize what’s going on in organizations and more specifically, what they are looking for. In the tech and the IT field specifically, the traditional skills between disciplines are slowly fading. The set of soft and hard skills necessary to succeed are broader than ever before.

2) If you expect this from an A player

I have a powerful combination of skills that make me incredibly valuable. For example, I navigate quickly in the evolving and shifting technological landscapes. I'm the typical early adopter and I wish you valued this kind of personality.

As a Business Analyst, I speak many languages. The business language, the technical coder language and the UI & UX languages. Per example, I can mockup design on the fly in Keynote.

It's easy for me to switch between the business requirements and the engineer's realities because I know both truths and speak both languages. I can make sense of the infrastructure, functions and databases.

I'm an avid writer. Please check it out on pascalandy.com. One of the greatest edge I have over my counterparts is the way I use a narrative by telling stories to involve my audience.

3) The learning machine

Like most Business Analyst, I have an insatiable appetite to learn new ideas, best practices and ways to be more productive. I'm genuinely curious about the world. I like to know how it works, and I want to make my mark on it. I can’t put blinders on once I started a project.

I keep up to date with many fields like psychology, management, marketing and start-up accelerators. This is because I know that innovation is found at the boundaries of many disciplines, not by narrowly focusing in one sphere.

To conclude, in 20 years, I have worked in many fields - telecom, start-ups, military, retail, administration and entertainment. You can take a look at my LinkedIn profile for my detailed pedigree. I contributed as a consultant, employee and CEO. I recruited partners for various ventures and I hired freelancers to work on my projects.

4) Do you trust me?

This leaves us to one simple question. Do you trust me? Do you believe that I, can ship and deliver on my promise? If your heart is telling you I can, please let me know and reach me soon. Contact me here

tl;dr (too long; didn't read)

What you can expect from me:

  • Labeled me as The Bridge Maker
  • Insatiable learning interest
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Great communication skills
  • Early adopter (therefore, I’m curious and change is part of my DNA)

What I do expect from you:

  • Put me in the driver's seat
  • Present me with challenges (I'm not looking for a job)
  • A clear vision to believe in
  • Continuous feedback (What should I start, stop and continue to do)
  • Reward great work (because I'm a human and I love treats)

Pascal Nguyen Deschênes

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